FAQ – KART pedicure

I am not sure if KART pedicure is for me – I wish to book consultation for KART PEDICURE – How can I do this?

  1. Please Message me directly on Facebook (or from now You can WatsApp me via FB and instagram)
  2. I  need to view and assess your feet condition first – so please send me a photo(s) of your whole feet sole(bottom) + some close photos of problematic area – heel/toe/transerce arch etc
  3. More information about your health, work and everyday lifestyle is also crucial in assessing condition – so I may have to give you  few more questions e.g.:
    • what is your job/type of work you do?
    • what type of shoes are you wearing most time?
    • medical history – illneses, medication taken, f there are any alergies etc.
  4. After above Information is provided – I may be able to advice you more – e.g cause of condition & if you benefit from the treatment, estimated time of the treatment etc etc.

I have diabeties – can I have KART pedicure treatment?? 

  • YES! KART treatment and big part of KART products (are medical grade &) are suitable for clients with diabetis – please refer to first question – constultation is required.

I am pregnant / I still breastfeed  – can I have KART pedicure treatment??

  • YES! KART treatment and big part of KART products are suitable for clients who are pregnant or are still breastfeeding – please refer to first question – constultation is required.

I am scared of pain / scared of knifes – and I have seen that a scalpel is used during Kart pedicure….

  • No, You don’t need to be affraid of it – It’s a blunt scalpel – its more like scraper in shape of the scalpel. You can’t cut the skin with it. Treatment is 100% pain free.

I am not sure if this treatment works for me –  and if I should have next treatment
– I had 1 treatment, effect was great but hard skin/my feet contidion still come back within 1 month… what shoul I do?

  • Depand how complex, deep and much of hard skin was build up on your feets – you may require more than 1 treatment to improve your feet condition, 1 treatment is not enough
  • Removing entire Hyperkeratinized skin on feet can’t be  sometimes removed at once – it has to be done step by step in few treatments to give even better improvment
  • Removing Hyperkeratinized skin at once  would do massive diference to your feet & natural cussioning of sole can be affected, this cause of growing back/ building up back all Hyperkeratinized skin even faster  then earlier – and can worsen your condition.
  • Your aftercare is also very important, adjustments made on your every day lifestyle (or not made at all) will affect your recovery process between treatments.  (shoes/creams/oilnaments etc)
  • So I do recomend to book your visit/regular appointments
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