FAQ Make-up & hair


MAKE-UP & HAIR  – Frequently asked questions:


Do I have to bring my own false lashes or do you provide it?

I provide strip lashes and/or individual eyelashes for every client! I tent to apply individual lashes for most clients unless is requested other (as this are more long lasting and gives more natural finish) . You do not have to bring any false lashes or glue. I have a choice of very natural, short and long, very lightweight lashes and also other more defined full strip lashes, for a special request I may provide lovely coloured strip lashes (eldora lashes).

Do I have to pay extra for false lashes?

No, all regular lashes/individual lashes are included in price of make-up, however additional fee may apply to coloured lashes.

Can you travel to me to apply just eyelashes and/or do only my eye makeup(not full face make-up)?

Unfortunately, I would not travel only to apply false lashes or do only your eyes. I am offering full service and part of my work is responsibility – to be 100% sure you look beautiful on your important day – See price list for full service offered.

Booking any of my make-up service is mandatory. On day of your booking I may apply only false lashes to your friend/family member/guests for small fee. However, I must be notified about this request in advance.

I don’t want false lashes to by applied, can you reduce the price about false lashes cost?

Sometimes clients do prefer not to apply false lashes , sometimes is impossible to apply it e.g. sensitivity of eye, watering eye, allergy etc.
Unfortunately I can’t offer any discount if wish to opt out of using false lashes – you pay not only for eyelashes but also my skills and experience, also all other products used for your make-up on top of this. – and many products are much more expensive.

I have an allergy to all types of animal hair – Are your products are stored in animal-free space/home and what type of brushes are you using?

My home and make-up storage area is free of pets and animals.
I use mainly brushes with synthetic bristles, however, I have and I use sometimes brushes with goat & other animal bristles. Your safety and health is a priority. I totally understand you may get allergy reaction after using this brushes,  so please notify me about your allergy in advance – I would exclude this brushes from using on you and would use only brushes synthetic hair.

I have a latex allergy, what type of glue do you use for false lashes?

For individual lashes I use non latex based clear lash glue.
For strip lashes I use mainly eylure lashfix glue – and this it is latex based glue! ~

please notify me about all your allergies when you are placing your booking – I would be more then happy to provide non latex based lash glue.


What do you bring with you when you travel to every client?

I travel to every client with professional tall make-up chair(directors chair), suitcase full of make-up products, make-up brushes; if hairstyling was booked – full hairstyling kit: this includes hairstyling equipment, combs, tools and products &/or set of heated rollers. I also always carry with me professional (daylight) light with stand. Light in many homes, locations is not strong enough or have too strong yellowish tint. I need to be 100% sure I use correct shades on your skin, so this lightening is my little helper.

NOTE – I require space to lay down all products used – e.g. dining table.  I also require access to power socket (for my light /or if hair tools are to be used)

How to get ready my face on day?

Please remove any makeup you had, including foundation and mascara. Use toner, makeup remover or micellar water to clean your skin, apply light moisturising cream. Any make-up leftovers, residue, cream residue must be removed before makeup – this may affect texture of skin and condition of your skin.
Please arrive/be on day/trial make-up free – its very important – removing make-up in very last minute always causing small or bigger skin or eye irritation, redness. If mascara is not removed correctly – all traces left on eye will be  smudging later under your eye during make-up application.
Avoid changing you skincare routine in a month (or less) before booked big day. Also void doing last minute experimenting with treatments with beautician salons, spas. This may cause unplanned skin irritation or even worst – allergy reaction. The only safest skin treatments with beauticians you can do in very last minute are cavitation peeling, enzymatic peeling – but still would be good to test it firstly few weeks earlier. And be aware most treatments may not give you instant results, this need to be repeated regularly.

I have chappy lips, and flaking skin, can you do something about it? 

Not really…. sorry cant fix instantly neglected lip skin … I can cover it with lipstick, but this would not fix texture of your lips. BUT YOU CAN DO IT!
don’t let flaky, cracked lips get you down. Here are simple tricks and DIY recipes to cure chapped lips.

  • Don’t lick your lips. We lick our dry lips to add some moisture, but it actually dries them out even more. Your saliva contains acids that break down food, but they also irritate your lips. Plus, continuously licking will remove any natural oils you have on your lips.
  • Use sunscreen to prevent burned, chapped lips. Already chapped? Skip the SPF so it doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin.
  • Got flaky lips? Resist the urge to pick at them. Instead, soften them with lip balm and exfoliate the flakes off.
  • Chapped lips will heal best when they’re moist, so stick to lip balms and skip lip waxes.
    Another ingredient to look for: Shea butter, Stick to lipsticks with conditioners like vitamin E, macadamia oil, olive oil, emu oil, or coconut oil, Castor Oil,  which nourishes and moisturizes.
  • Use a beeswax (or beeswax based products) when you’re going to be outside for a while (beeswax works as a barrier against dehydration). However avoid menthol based products –  It might feel like magic because the menthol gives instant relief, but you need an emollient to heal your lips.
  • If your lips are chapped, take a pass on drinking orange juice, eating grapefruit, and putting any other citrus fruits near your lips—they can cause more dryness.
  • Drink a LOT of water.

  • Rub on aloe vera. It helps relieve the pain and heals small cuts that occur when your lips are chapped or burned.
  •  The oldest trick in the book—petroleum jelly. Petroleum Jelly Scrub – apply petroleum jelly on toothbrush and massage your lips gently, repeat few times in week before the event /or earlier.
  • Petroleum Jelly not working for everyone –  Try gently exfoliating your lips with a homemade scrub. e.g. brown sugar+honey/coconut oil,  important thing is that you move in very gentle, circular motions and follow up with proper moisturizing. If you don’t want to make it your own, buy readymade lip scrubs available in shops – e.g. LUSH scrub
  • Stay away from lip products with flavors, fragrance, or colors until your chapped lips have healed. flavours and perfumes can be irritating for lips.
  • Say goodbye to those hot wings for a while or other salty food, because yes, spicy and salty food and snacks can dry out your lips.
  • Nothing working? You may be suffering from an allergic reaction. See your dermatologist to be sure!


How to get ready my Hair, when to wash it?

  • If you have normal to dry hair – wash it evening/day before.
  • If you have greasy hair, or if you tend to wash it daily, then wash it at morning. make sure you blow dry hair before my arrival.
  • Apply conditioner only on ends.
  • DO NOT straighten or curl until this was confirmed and requested by me.
  • Please notify me if your hairstyle changed since trial was done. T his may affect originally planned hairstyle
  • Please get in touch with me and discuss hairstyle ideas chosen by you,  photo examples are wellcome.
  • If you have loop hair extension or another type of extention- please notify me about it, and let my know what type of extension was used.
  • If you planning to use hair extensions, wefts, clip-ins – please let me know also. especially if this is change in between your trial and wedding day.
  • Some synthetic hair extensions cannot be heat treated, however, synthetic hair can be also curled – with help of heat rollers.
  • Note that some extensions are hard to work with  – For some updos – clip-in type extensions can be too thick to be fitted and secured. Hair wefts without clips are wellcome and I caan secured with my worn hair pins this are easier to fit and cover also.