Depending on hairstyle required may use professional heat rollers, curling tongs, or may mix this two together. I can also create different plaits. There is also a possibility to plait in into your hair some hair extensions or add hair extension to your updo to increase the volume. note: discuss with me what type of extension is required for your hairstyle. clip-ins and wide sewing(fabric) line are not always required and can make difficult to secure it.

Depend on hair type I use different prep products on  – dry shampoo, curl defining mouse/volume mouse. For hairstyling,
I use mainly hairspray by L’oreal but its a version for Professionals only. Final Finishing/fixing spray by stronger Schwarzkopf brand.

Note: On TRIAL  I  use very little hairspray, and only Loreal hairspray to be used.  Sometimes it’s difficult to brush out hairspray if its overapplied, so to protect your hair –  in multiple changes I try to minimize of used hairspray. I assure you on your wedding/event day your hair would be secured and much more hairspray would be used to protect your look.