Waxing FAQ

Waxing FAQ – Frequently asked questions and aftercare

Do you offer male waxing, intimate areas waxing?

  • unfortunately NO. At this moment I offer ONLY FEMALE services.


  • If you trim or clipper your hair, you need to let it grow to 5mm or longer!
  • on the day of treatment  – Your skin would be sensitive after waxing so for legs and bikini, intimate areas  I highly recommend to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing
  • Please ensure your personal hygiene is exemplary especially if being waxed in any intimate areas. Your therapist also adopts exemplary personal hygiene
  • You will be required to complete a ‘Client Consultation’ form at your visit. For follow up visits please advise your therapist if there are any changes eg cuts, bruises, scars, infections, change in medication, allergies etc
  • Avoid sunburn, also suntan spray tan before waxing(this applies to everyday life but more so if you are being waxed)
  • Exfoliate your skin the night before and moisturize to ensure your skin is supple
  • Drink plenty of water up to 24 hours before your appointment as this helps to keep you hydrated
  • Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs
  • If you are unwell up to 48 hours before the wax please make another appointment as you may feel the effects of the wax more and your therapist does not want to be exposed to any bacteria or infections


  • For the facelegs, arms, chest, back, and shoulders I  use a warm wax, spatulas, and strips.
  • For the face,  underarm and intimate area I  use hot wax and a spatula.
  • Both are made from natural ingredients, are good quality and strong.
  • I  recommend you don’t wear your best clothes. Only the area being waxed needs to be exposed but as a precaution.
  • you are welcome to remove any clothing to avoid getting wax on them.
  • you will be covered with towels as appropriate
  • I  use the most efficient and effective method for waxing and won’t put you in an awkward or uncomfortable position
  • waxing is not entirely pain-free but we adopt ‘best practice’ to make it as comfortable for you as we can
  • Your skin may go red and spotty/blotchy, tiny bumps may show up – this is a normal reaction and will calm down and be back to normal within a few hours.



 UP TO 24hr -48hr AFTER WAXING

  • Warm shower only (not hot or cold)
  • Do not use any soaps or perfumes for 24 hours
  • First Exfoliate after 48hrs later  twice a week (either with a scrub or gloves)
  • Do not use any deodorants for up to 24 hours if underarms have been treated
  • Do not use make up for 24 hours if a face has been waxed
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing
  • spray tan 24hr allowed after waxing
  • Do not use a swimming pool or spa for 48 hours
  • Avoid intimate relations for 24 hours if you have been waxed in the intimate area
  • Do not rub the waxed area as bacteria from fingers can infect the skin


  • Moisturise every day until the new hairs grow. Profesional lotion that minimise hair ingrowns/and grown are also recommended.
  • Exfoliate after 48hrs later twice a week either with a scrub or gloves to avoid ingrowns.
  • Do not shave or use other razors in between waxing treatments! This would reduce the effectiveness of waxing!
  • A single hair on the face could be tweezed but please do not shave it! Do not use shaving creams etc.
  • If you shaved your face/legs/bikini before –  Please be aware that some hair would be grown back fast just a week after waxing –  you will see a fuller effect of waxing and clean skin for longer after 4-5 regular treatments! 
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